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Organic extra virgin olive oil Viandas

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The special coupage of this oil comes from 85% ARBEQUINA type olives and 15% type olives. PICUAL.

The oil from arbequina is a sweet, soft and fruity oil that everyone likes a lot but it loses these characteristics a little as the months go by. That is why it is mixed with the oil of Picual origin, thus maintaining that fruit in the mouth and providing strength to the blend, lengthening the optimal consumption time. In addition, Picual has a high content of oleic acid, which is highly advisable for people with high cholesterol.

Both oils are unfiltered or raw, maintaining the character of freshly pressed for longer.

100% extra virgin olive oil from our olive grove totally sustainable high density and committed to the “carbon farming” philosophy ensuring that the co2 absorbed from the atmosphere is returned to the soil and stored in the form of organic matter.

An EVOO obtained from green olives on the first day of the harvest, from early harvest , formerly known as “first pressing”, during the month of October. Our harvest is not when the olive has the highest fat yield, but when it has the highest polyphenol content (and with it, its peak in aromas and flavor); a fresh extra virgin olive oil. A very soft, aromatic, light and delicate, sweet and almond-like oil.

Everything the process is carried out cold, at less than 27ºC, to preserve all its aromas and healthy properties within our family oil mill, and it is preserved at a controlled temperature in our winery until sold. 100% olive juice!.


100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Nutritional information

Energy913 Kcal / 3815 KJ
Fat:99 g.
    Saturated Fat:14,8 g.
    Monosaturated Fat:76,8 g.
    Polyunsaturated fats:8,3 g.

<0,1 g.


<0,1 g.


<0,1 g.


<0,1 g.

* Nutritional information per 100 gr. of product.

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Olive mill
Hacienda Zorita
Types of oil
Oliva Virgen Extra
Oil variety

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Olive mill
Hacienda Zorita
Types of oil
Oliva Virgen Extra
Oil variety